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Take a simple room to something more interesting with raised areas. Catwalks provide models with a defined area just for them raised above the audience. That directs attention to the models, and in turn ensures that nobody interferes with their performance.


Guest speakers can move about in the same way with assurance that the group can easily see the speaker at all times.


Having an upraised area is a simple and effective way to direct attention to an area within an event. Twin Sounds Ltd is proud to provide modular staging. Once you are aware of the room or location for your event, we can work with you to find a format for our stage to be brought in and quickly assembled to give you that upraised area. Make sure your crowd looks where you want them to look, and provide an amazing opportunity to direct them to your product, speaker, or guest.


Cover it in carpet for a more celebrity feel, or use available handrails, stairs, or ramps for easy access to direct special VIPs. Take control of the space you are using, and make it your own.

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