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Ensure the Senses

Keep their attention where you desire

Sight and sound are the senses by which we experience our world. They are what give us an idea of what lies beyond arm’s reach and dictate much of what we know. Color and intensity of light can turn a plain room into a romantic den, or a dazzling feast for the eyes. Appropriate sound for a location can add depth and life to an event in ways that can only be felt to truly understand. Applying light and sound to your gathering is far more than flipping a switch and attaching a speaker.

Reach out, we’re ready!

We at Twin Sounds Ltd specialize in understanding the tone and needs of your event, and helping you turn it from normal to extraordinary. Our diverse team of specialists work with you to understand your needs and how best to highlight them. With custom lighting and sound design, your event can go from plain to unforgettable or poignant. Professional equipment and personal expertise can use tools such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, DJ decks and much more to help you achieve the vision you have, or the professional needs of your event. The content is your specialty, making it wonderful is ours.


From individual components to entire packages, we have the tools and expertise to enhance your event. We are prepared to help you prepare for any size you may need.

Event Lighting

By using the best brands of equipment exclusively, we can highlight your event in a dizzying number of ways. We can customize your event to whatever you have in mind.


Our sound systems are of the highest quality, and can be used to great effect. Whether you need an effective way to speak to your group, or you need sound to get your people moving, or anywhere in between, we are ready to make your event be heard.


Professional presentations and personalized photo albums set to screen both deserve the same level of attention and quality. Regardless of your content, what you wish to show should have the utmost in skill and presentation. We are ready to make your media unforgettable.


Every aspect of a wedding is carefully chosen, from the colors displayed to the form of decorations. The venue must be acceptable, and the mood needs to follow a theme that makes the ceremony a happy one. Light and sound do not make your event, but do showcase it. From the touching moments to the dancing and joy, all of it can be made far more memorable by the right mood.

Twin Sounds Ltd understands that a wedding is a day filled with moments of joy and excitement. Our team is experienced and ready to ensure that the entertainment for your day is the accent and focal point you need to lift the event to new heights. When it is time to dance and party, our professional equipment and services are ready to make the party incredible! Your guests will never forget how much fun we can make your reception, and you will never forget how professional and easy we made it for you on your special day.


Our hire packages for our PA Systems for any event wedding or reception. For more information, click on the package you are interested in.






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